Sunday, 26 July 2009

Buxton Festival Fringe Awards 2009

So I was just browsing through the online write up of the Fringe Awards, as I fancied seeing who won what and what have you (the fantastic Love & Other Magic Tricks deservedly scooped the top gong)... and guess what?

When Nothing Happens got nominated for two awards! Best Spoken Word Event and Best New Writing

We had absolutely no idea we were going to be nominated for anything, so it was quite an amazingly pleasant shock to see our name in lights next to the big names of the festival.. but we'd like to thank anyone who saw the show and enjoyed it.. see you all next year Buxton Fringeites!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We are a beautiful mystery...

Yes that's right folks, the review is flooding in, here's what Martin Ward had to say about us:

(a preview of the first 10 minutes of the show is still available here, by the way!)


At the start of the performance the stage was empty. A relaxing acoustic guitar blended with a charcoal graphic which grew as we watched in the centre of the white, brightly lit video screen. A quite hidden voice then described the factory town which would become the background of the story of Owen and Sarah.

This is a beautiful mystery tale which holds you to the end. Its characters are simple working folk described with common language, including cliches and humour, depicting their day to day lives. But as soon as the enigmatic brass key surfaced it quickly became the subject of our focus, but, this was also a story of people, loss and acceptance.

Sophie Tilley has a lovely voice with changes in accent and timbre to reflect the different characters themselves and the changes in the mood of the story. However, these changes were slight enough to be effective but did not spoil the flow and mood of the tale. The occasional accompanying music blended well with the narration providing variation and atmosphere.

Despite the hook in the story and the variety provided by occassional pauses and accompanying music, I did wonder whether 45 minutes was a little too long for this format, but then I wouldn't want to remove anything from the prose. It was a beautiful story which I know I will retell to friends, probably over a campfire, or something similar, late on a summer evening.

I enjoyed both the graphics and the music and if you ever decide to publish the story, I will buy the first copy.

Martin Ward

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Who We Are, How We Do.

SOPHIE REGAN TILLEY... an actor, writer and storyteller. She is currently completing an MA in Acting at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Her Masters thesis focuses on developments in modern British storytelling.

EDWARD ROBERT MILLINGTON... a sound artist, currently studying for an MMus in Creative Music Technology at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. His most recent project has been Cosmopolis, a large-scale tape piece inspired by Stoic cosmology and diffused in 5.1 surround sound, that will premiere at RWCMD in May 2009.

BENJAMIN NEIL SCOTT MARTIN... a graphic design guru.


  • ... is a story show aimed specifically at adults. It consists of a mix of live narration, an original electroacoustic score and images projected behind the performer, an omniscient narrator who tells the story of Owen Grace, a clerk who works in the factory mill which serves the fictional Derbyshire town of Milton Mundy.
  • The suicide of Owen's partner, Sarah, sparks a journey of discovery which leads him to a locked door and a decision which will change both his life and that of his unlikely accomplice Edie, the elderly landlady in whose house he finds a home.
  • The show has been born out of Sophie’s research thesis, and aims to diversify and challenge opinions about what storytelling is, and can be.

CHECK BACK SOON! As Buxton approaches we’ll be updating this blog with written extracts from the show, audio clips and a high budget Hollywood-style trailer.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

You know that there Buxton Fringe Festival?

You're looking at it pal.

When Nothing Happens:
a story show for adults by Sophie Regan Tilley and Edward Robert Millington. To be told three times - over two nights and one afternoon in July - at the Paupers' Pit, Underground Venues, Buxton Fringe Festival.

Tuesday 21 July: 11pm
Friday 24 July: 11pm
Saturday 25 July: 4pm

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Hello there!

Further information to follow.